The nonprofit leadership book that will make YOU a better catalyst for change.

Cover image of The Nonprofit Dilemma book by DC Armijo

The Nonprofit Dilemma reveals:

How to gain the clarity and strategic intent you need to become an exceptional nonprofit leader. You can achieve your mission aspirations while also being a great organizational steward.

Whether you are an executive, manager, board member, or future nonprofit leader, use this book to become a more effective catalyst for change!

Inside you’ll discover:

  • Insights to help you develop and implement a better strategy

  • How to embrace values that differentiate your nonprofit

  • Ways to build, empower, and motivate purpose-driven teams

  • Proven business development tactics to grow your nonprofit

  • Ideas to improve how you measure and communicate impact

  • Strategies to develop more effective partnerships

And since most nonprofits are small, many of these strategies are tailored to the needs of small, underfunded organizations.

Coming September 2024.

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What’s the dilemma?

Two aims common to all nonprofits are advancing the organization’s mission and advancing its financial health. In for-profit organizations, financial health is always the ultimate goal. But in nonprofit organizations, nearly every decision comes with the same underlying question—which aim to prioritize? This is what makes nonprofit management uniquely challenging.

Who should read the book?

Each chapter is organized into three sections: foundational guidance for Future Leaders, insights and strategies for Executives and Managers, and a section tailored to the needs of Trustees. Whether you need help with grant writing, promoting organizational focus, or handling a governance issue with tact, The Nonprofit Dilemma has the advice you need. Wherever you are in your leadership journey, use this book to become a better leader.

Are you a purpose-driven leader?

Exceptional nonprofit leaders and their teams are purpose-driven. They understand that everything starts with clarity of purpose. They are motivated by personal meaning in their work and deeply committed to their organization’s mission and its financial health. The Nonprofit Dilemma provides actionable advice to help readers strike the right balance between these competing aims to become more effective catalysts for change.