The Author

Other books on nonprofit leadership are written by academics or people trying to sell you consulting services, this one is different…

  • After graduating from Oakland University and the University of Michigan, DC Armijo spent the past 25 years working in the nonprofit sector. His dedication to purpose-driven work is founded in a childhood marked by poverty and a father’s illness. Those early challenges gave him the lifelong gifts of resilience, empathy, and purpose.

  • DC began his career in hospital administration and later transitioned to working for nonprofits focused on environmental and public health concerns.

  • He has served in a variety of roles including: policy analyst, senior scientist, division director, vice president, SVP, COO, CEO, fellow, and board member.

  • DC has mentored executives, led expert panels, chaired board committees, shaped state and federal policies, and written well over $100M in successful grant proposals.

  • He has also designed and launched a free clinic, led the strategy and operations of a large nonprofit, created a leadership development program, divested a for-profit subsidiary, and directed several large federal health programs.

  • DC is married and has a college-aged daughter. He enjoys volunteering, gardening, and taking his golden retriever on adventures. He and his wife spend their time between cool Michigan and sunny Naples, FL.

The Nonprofit Dilemma was written with one goal in mind: To help you become a better leader so that you and the nonprofit you care about can thrive.