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Working at Delnor-Wiggins

I personally read everything sent to me by my Nonprofit Dilemma readers. Thank you for actively engaging with my work!

To save us both time, I’ve structured the contact form to categorize your outreach.

I particularly enjoy engaging with students, volunteers, and other future nonprofit leaders!

I will not sell your contact information nor use it to spam you with updates about my work or anything else annoying that people do once they get ahold of your email. I also will not respond to spammy requests. I do not write reviews of tools, services or sites and I am not interested in advertising your products or services to my readers.

I will consider unsolicited submissions to The Nonprofit Dilemma blog, interview requests made by people authentically interested in my work, speaking requests from nonprofit organizations and boards, and thoughtful questions or comments about my work.

If you have purchased my book (thank you!)—you can use the contact form to request an editable digital copy of all the figures, charts, and tables from the book.

If you hated my book, please write your thoughts down in your diary and move on. Maybe call your mom, I’m sure she’d love to hear from you.

I love meeting new people. Contact me using this form or connect with me on LinkedIn!

3D mockup of e-reader and paperback versions of The Nonprofit Dilemma: Insights & Strategies for Purpose-Driven Leaders by DC Armijo