Notable and Interesting Nonprofits

As The Nonprofit Dilemma platform grows, I thought it would be nice to use that platform to raise awareness of unique nonprofits doing amazing and innovative work. The organizations who have received donations from The Nonprofit Dilemma proceeds are identified with a ★.

Many of the nonprofits I’ll highlight here are on the smaller side and could use the additional exposure. They are notable for many reasons. They may be particularly creative, inclusive, solution-focused, action-oriented, managed by volunteer executives, community-minded, or especially good at transparency. Whatever the reason, I thought the organization was cool or unique, and their finances appropriately managed. If you would like to submit your nonprofit to be considered for inclusion, please contact me and provide a link to your most recent IRS Form 990.

A word of caution: While I do research nonprofits before listing them on this page or donating to them, please do your own research (like reviewing recent news and publicly available 990s) before donating to or applying to work for any of them. Unfortunately, even good nonprofits do go off the rails sometimes. I would love to fully endorse every nonprofit listed, but I just don’t have the time to regularly research each one.